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“Trgo Inzhenering Marin DOOEL” – Skopje has been on the Macedonian construction market more than 15 years. The company was founded on January 26, 1996. Its exclusive trade is acquiring and installing of flooring. The company has its own team of experts and highly skilled installers.

Wood is a natural material, and as such, it has to be treated with great care. Parquetry, today, is an integral part of our lives. Investments in parquetry are one of the wisest and cost efficient investments when building a house or an apartment.

Wood has always been a favorite detail in the interior. One of the reasons is his longevity. It can last from 40, up to 100 years, making it irreplaceable. The main reason for the longevity is the option for renovation. The boards vary from 14 mm to 21 mm, and depending on the thickness, they can be grinded up to 10 times. We can safely say that wood is a warm, renewable and beautiful material, which makes a high quality flooring.  

In its field of work, our company is especially dedicated to the parquetry program – classical, as well as exotic; laying down, grinding and varnishing. We have a wide pallet of classical parquetry (oak, ash, beech), as well as a variety of exotic parquetry.

Our approach to parquetry jobs is based on professionalism and quality service. We always use brand name materials, adhesives, and lacquer of the highest quality; as well as the latest machinery for a fast and quality work on the parquetry.

Parquetry gives special warmth to your home, it’s easy to maintain, it creates a healthy environment, it’s easily matched, and simply put it’s a perfect solution for every home.

Our company always puts the customer first, and our goal is to make the experience of purchasing flooring a safe and useful experience.

Visit our stores and see with your own eyes that the beautiful and high quality products are easily reachable!